Cakes & Couture: Enchanted Dreams’ Fashion Snap (Gothic Lolita Convention, Part 4)

We finally came in for the Formal Afternoon Tea! The Kings, Queens, Lords, and Ladies sat at a long table with the special guests, while we commoners sat at four long tables. The decoration was lovely, the food delicious, and the company sparkling! During tea, I grabbed a few chocolate-covered almonds and continued to take photos of fellow lolita.

Rococoapuff (left) is wearing a Triple*fortune bonnet, The Lady Librarian JSK by Haenuli, Evil Live heart bag, Angelic Pretty (AP) socks, and a vintage brooch. She made the flower crown, jabot, and chain hair accessory herself! Lolitaplusgeek (right) is wearing The Story You Did Not Know JSK by Haenuli, a handmade headpiece, Demonia shoes, and Ioris bag, designed like the Moi-même-Moitié Bat Bag!
I love strawberries, and this lovely lady looked luscious in her Angelic Pretty Strawberry Parlour Shirring JSK with Strawberry Parlour OTKs!
The lady on the left is wearing a Mystic Tarot JSK by Mossbadger. The horns and lace blouse are stunning. The sorceress on the right’s Wicked Queen’s Poison Cellar JSK II is by Alice and the Pirates. The blouse is pure magic and I need her hat.

After tea, a few of us ventured out to explore the strip. Tampa is a beautiful city, and I wanted to see more, but no one wanted to miss the raffle.

Karen is wearing the Venice Carnival JSK with matching bonnet, wristcuffs, and overskirt by Krad Lanrete. Her other items are: an underdress by Infanta, shoes by An-Tai-Na, and a lovely mask and socks from Halloween Store. Karen did a wonderful presentation on Japanese fashion after teatime. Her gothic lolita coords are always stellar! [Karen provided this photo, which was taken by an awesome passerby.]
My friends and I returned to find the vendors in full swing. I met Lovely Lor! After a bit, the raffle began! I wanted Haenuli’s hat, but did not win it. I should have insisted Shinobi get in front of me in line, as she won Haenuli’s JSK! She decided to let someone else win. Fluffy Tori’s head designer also let other people win items she rightfully won in the raffle. In the end, everyone got free a Haenuli gift and free Fluffy Tori stickers!

Larry looks amazing in his Mad Hatter outfit!
These two remind me of Alice and Anti-Alice (or American McGee’s Alice, a 1990s pc game featuring Alice concealing a butcher’s knife under the table). Lila (as Alice on the right) is wearing a handmade apron by Trixielikafox. Her necklace and wristcuffs are also by Trixielikafox, but are not pictured.  Lila, made the headpiece and sewed the hearts on her stockings!

Cakes and Couture: Enchanted Dreams was magical. I met so many fantastic people and made a few friends! I did not manage to photograph everyone, but maybe next year!

**Special thanks to the organizer (from Steep Tampa) and volunteers, Larry and Lila, Nunu, fluffykawaiijo, the beautiful person who gave me his Haenuli gift bag, and everyone who allowed me to take pictures and feature them in this blog! You all are unforgettable!**


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