Cakes & Couture: Enchanted Dreams’ Fashion Snap (Gothic Lolita Convention, Part 3.5)

After the Moshi Moshi Watermelon fashion show, the Coordinate Contest Runway began! Here are three participants I managed to catch after the show:

Isn’t she lovely! Her JSK reminds me of a Juliette et Justine print. I love the ringlets and her veil! She is also really fun to hang out with!
Iichi (on the left) is in her Dark Queen coordinate, and was given the nickname “Snow White” by Haenuli’s Nunu! Iichi is wearing a Haenuli JSK and veil, an amazing sword necklace by Purvile, a wig by Epic Cosplay, and a really cool coffin phone case by Valfré! The blouse, tights, shoes, and glasses are offbrand. Only the lady on the right participated in the Coordinate Contest, and I love her daring Medusa headdress and awesome lace-up heels!
Princessneise looks amazing in her Cosmic Queen Coordinate: handmade headpiece and choker, Hydrangea in Space JSK by Strawberry Witch, wrist cuffs by LuminescenTea, tights by Toy and Fashion, and heels by An-Tai-Na.

A few minutes following the final contestant’s exit, we were asked to leave the main event room so the staff could prepare for the Formal Afternoon Tea. I wanted a photo of each lolita, so I made fast friends and started snapping!

Nicole Dolly (left) and Britney (right) are wearing twin coords! I want to twin coord with someone, too! The handmade bunny ears drew everyone’s eyes. Nicole Dolly’s Coordinate: blouse by Infanta, heels by Target, wig by Gothic Lolita Wigs, and contacts by Honey Color. Britney’s Coordinate: blouse by Yilia on Taobao and the awesome shoes are offbrand. Same items: Les cadres du lapin JSK by Juliette et Justine; handmade rabbit ears, black ribbon, and jewelry; socks by Hot Topic; purse, belt, and crown from Amazon.
Fraise Lolita is so lovely in her beret and JSK by Haenuli. The satin gloves are attached to the wrist cuffs, and are from Angelic Pretty!
The colorful bunny is here in mostly Angelic Pretty (AP), though I spy a Baby, the Stars Shine Bright (BABY) Usakumya watch/wristband. Her JSK is AP’s Marshmellow Bunny print! I love the color-blocking and plethora of accessories! On a side note, the peeks of dresses on either side are BABY (left) and AP (right).

I am still waiting for fashion coordinate details, and so I will stop here for now. Until next time, dears!


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