Cakes & Couture: Enchanted Dreams (Gothic Lolita Convention, Part 2)

After Haenuli’s Fashion Show, I went out to pin on my headdress and met the gorgeous Lockshop (a wonderful wig brand for gothic lolita and other fashions)model and representative!

Imagine going to the Ladies’ room to powder your nose and finding this siren! *o.o*

Unfortunately, I missed Fluffy Tori’s Fashion Show, but there was one more to come!

The sweet and adorable genius behind Fluffy Tori in her Sweet Dream Carousel OP with matching necklace and tights! She loves Pokemon Go!

Heavy metal announced the beginning of Moshi Moshi Watermelon’s Fashion Show! I spoke with the designers, and they were awesome! This was their first gothic lolita/kawaii fashion show, and they put together a great show in a small amount of time!

The first model strutted in with a hot pink eyepatch and a sneer. She sported a punk outfit: “Bite Me” crop top, wine hot pants, a backpack, and sheer lace-up tights.

The second wore a Royal Bunny (black) baseball cap to the side, pastel pink eyepatch, pink Forest Goddess t-shirt, black shorts with a button pin, white thigh-highs (one sat above her knee), and black flats.

The third model was very cool. Her outfit consisted of a blue beanie, Sweet Stars Clips in her hair, a large pink bow ring and a blue ring, pink Baby Girl tshirt, sky blue pleated skirt with two button pins, white thigh-highs, and white platform lolita heels.

The fourth bespectacled model wore a dark purple wig almost completely covered in pastel bows and clips. She has a blue necklace, and even her purse has a blue macaron and a few other charms. An inch of her frilly blue shorts peek out from under her cute, bulky Space Girls white sweater. Moshi Moshi Watermelon’s Frilly Ankle Socks in blue and a pair of white tea party shoes adorn her feet. This is a Decora styled outfit.

Decora is short for decoration, and originated in Japan. Piled on accessories is its trademark.

Afterwards, the models and the ladies behind Moshi Moshi Watermelon came out!

For the last part of Cakes and Couture: Enchanted Dreams, I will do a fashion snap post! Until then!


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