Cakes & Couture: Enchanted Dreams (Gothic Lolita Convention, Part 1)

A few days prior…

I didn’t expect to be in the US, and so I bought my tickets just before the online sale ended. For hours, I stared at my lolita closet, trying to put together something enchanted, lightweight, and waterproof. I had a great idea, but it was recycled from a previous gothic lolita meetup. I wanted something new. I stalled by planning my trip to Tampa, FL: transit system, tea rooms, beautiful buildings… Beginning anew, did something I never do. I called 7, asking her what she thought of my outfit. I got two hours of sleep.

Morning of

Tickling the edges of my dream…
Wern. Wern.
Other people stirred.
It was my iPhone!
I yanked items from my rucksack, frantically feeling for my phone.
Oh, were could it be?!
“I am so sorry.” It was 4:02am. I fell asleep again.

Around 7am, I hopped out of bed and into the shower. A nice guy from Brazil showed me where to find the iron and let me take the mirror. I hand-stitched a few pieces of my coord, grabbed a carrot, put on my foundation and spoke with a new friend from Germany. She wanted to see the outfit before I left, but I ran from the hostel looking like clothes piled on a chair. On the bus, I continued my preparations, thankful no one laughed. I sprinted to the venue, Italian Club.

I burst in, apologized to my friends, and ran for the loo. I got there during registration and Mocktail Hour, but I still hadn’t finished my makeup and preparations, so I missed it. One tall gothic lolita in a black corset and a lovely classic lolita in BABY, the Stars Shine Bright(?) shared the mirror as we primped and pinned our way to perfection. My friends, The Victorian and Aurora came in, and we went up to register, only to find it hadn’t begun. I had a few chocolate-covered almonds and snagged a water bottle.

Our hostess came out and lined us up for registration: Kings and Queens, VIP Lords and Ladies, and Commoners. The Victorian, Aurora, and I lined up at the back, which was all the way downstairs, near the main entrance. I made a new friend, Shinobi, who happened to be a vendor. I realized I hadn’t brought my confirmation number, and offered to let Shinobi stand in front. I didn’t insist and bought one extra ticket.

Finally, the Haenuli fashion show began!

The first model wore a navy blue Royal Kitten and Royal Puppy chiffon empire waist JSK with cats’ faces framed, what appear to be Moon Jelly Princess Tights, and a blue beret.

The second wore the forest green version with a cat’s face framed on the bust, bunny tights, a green head bow with a beige bow, and a long-sleeved white collared shirt.

Third, a poisonous princess in purple wore The Story You Did Not Know (JSK 1) with a purple bonnet, black bell-sleeved blouse, black wristcuffs, Planetary Dreamer Tights, and black wooden-sole platforms.

A grey-haired beauty in black floated in, wearing The Story You Did Not Know JSK, black long-sleeved blouse, black hat, black Planetary Dreamer Tights (?), and black heels.

Haenuli’s The Librarian Lady JSK (mesh) in beige with Under Skirt, straw hat, Antique Room tights, an ivory long-sleeved blouse, and white platform heels adorned the fifth model.

The sixth model wore a white Notre Dame de Paris Onepiece with a long veil over her crown, satin gloves, lace tights, and white tea party (?) shoes.

A black veil covered the face of lady wearing Notre Dame de Paris JSK in black with a gold crown, black tights, and dark shoes.

A wide-lipped witch wore Sorceror’s Owl in Refuge (Glory Red) with a witch’s hat covered in large red roses, black chiffon blouse–a white owl perched on one arm, Royal Crown tights(?), and shimmering shoes.

A sweet sorceress in spectacles wore Sorcerer’s Owl in Refuge (Loyal Yellow), an orange sherbet headdress, golden crown, a black short-sleeved blouse, harlequin tights, and black heels. With her magic wand she cast an enchantment on the audience and pondered her next victims as she studied her map.

The final model wore Haenuli’s Cristal Guardian: Fairy Princess with a blue head bow decorated with pink star hairclips, Moon Jelly Princess tights, and light shoes (above).


I hoped you enjoyed my account so far! I will tell you more next time!


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