Diary: My First Non-teaching Job Interviews in Japan (Part V)

Dear Diary,

For the past month, I have done interviews for overseas jobs. Most have been successful, save one.

Easter Sunday was amazing. I woke up early for Sunrise Service–who does that? This is one of two days people go to church, and most want to come dressed up; so why start at 7am? I invited some friends to church, then went to the church kitchen. I flipped pancakes, directed the Easter program, took photos, hid crosses instead of eggs, and taught Sunday school. All the while, waiting for my friends’ replies. At home, I prepared dinner, and then enjoyed a no-phones-at-the-table meal with our guests who stayed until 6:45 or so.

I cut another slice of cake and opened my laptop to find I had 6 minutes until my interview. I threw on my suit and mismatched socks and ran to the office. During the interview, I did not understand the question in Japanese and botched the answer. I had to guess the salary for my last job, and did not know the figure was before taxes. After it, I realized I had icing on my suit from the hummingbird cake, untidy hair, and lipstick on my teeth.

The Lord rose again and I did not get the job, but it was entertaining.


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