Youkashi Napoléon (Yokkaichi: Part 4)

In a monthly coupon magazine, I came upon a discount for the Yokkaichi Baum at Youkashi Napoléon (洋菓子ナポレオン, youkashi means “non-Japanese/Western sweets”)! I love the light texture of these traditional German cakes, made dense by their many layers and wondered what made Napoléon’s baumkuchen special, so I convinced Wise to take a detour with me. We had already indulged in lunch and tea–at two separate establishments, no less–so we walked to Napoléon, but here are two sets of directions directly from both stations using Google Maps:

1.Least amount of walking: Directions from Nakagawahara Station (中川原駅, nakagawahara eki)

2.Cheapest: Directions from Kintetsu Yokkaichi Station (近鉄四日市駅, kintetsu yokkaichi eki)–There are two Yokkaichi Stations; please make sure you go to the correct one on the Kintetsu line! ^.^

When Wise and I finally arrived, the late afternoon sun streamed into the storefront windows. The cashier, a kindly woman of later years, greeted us. I gazed at the refrigerated display, full of tempting sweets: a chocolate decoration cake (¥2600), pots of crème brûlée (¥290), triangular Opera slices(¥370), Grand Mille Feuille(¥400), and even pudding on a cloud of crème fraiche (¥410), surrounded by adoring cut fruit. I wanted to sample them, but decided to search for their famous baumkuchen. It did not take long. I found it just in time! Amidst woven baskets of financiers (from ¥175, depending on flavor), Butter Cake (¥180), Orange Cake (¥180), and other unrefrigerated edibles, only three Yokkaichi Baum slices remained. I resisted the urge to have it upon arriving home, opting to eat it at work a few days later. I attempted to create a checkerboard of the slice, as the gentle flavors of white chocolate, apricots, honey, vanilla, and toasted almonds delighted my tastebuds! I highly recommend this baumkuchen! It was moist, but not stodgy and still light somehow. I highly recommend Youkashi Napoléon!

Celestey’s 裁き (sah bah key, judgement)
-Napoléon Baum 10/10

Youkashi Napoléon Info:
Address: 〒510-0821 三重県四日市市久保田1-3-30 市立四日市病院前(Mie Prefecture, Yokkaichi City, Kubota [this name has many readings] 1-3-30)
Hours: 09:00-19:30
Holiday: usually Wednesday, but call ahead
Smoking: Prohibited
Seats: takeout only

Reservations: Accepted


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