Diary: Love

Dear Diary,

Happy February! In the last week of January, I realized I wanted a Valentine. It is a bit late for that, for a few reasons. First, I do not date for the sake of dating: no rebounding or staying “safe till St. Patrick’s Day” (from John Mayer). Dating is for the man I may marry. I do not mind hanging out with guys to play video games or talk, but even if I feel attraction-a lot of which is based on personality and character–the person must be on the same spiritual level.

Not just a Christian, as many people who claim to be so are often not: basing salvation on things like church attendance, good works, warm fuzzy feelings, baptism, giving money and time; these do nothing. Only repentance of one’s sins, belief that Jesus, God’s Son, died for those sins, and trusting that Jesus–alone–has the power to save a person from Hell–which is the eternal punishment for those who are not saved–makes an individual God’s child. Anyone can do this, and sadly, many will not, but I hope you will.

To be honest, I did not plan on talking about this, but in order to explain the criteria for my dating material, this comes first and weeds out most–not that I have many (or any) suitors. Second, a potential date must have similar spiritual goals and do his best each day to live in a way that is pleasing to God. I do not wish to marry someone who will lead me astray, and I would not like to do that to another person. In a nutshell, this is the Biblical concept of being “equally yoked.” No, not eggs! This is the mechanism connecting two oxen plowing a field. So romantic…

Aside from spiritual things, mutual respect is important. Brains, brawn, wisdom, kindness, ingenuity: these are a few qualities I like.

Concerning the matters of the heart, remember: “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” (Jeremaiah 17:).

Question for readers: What did you think? What qualities do you consider when choosing a date?



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