Diary: La Vida es un Carnival

Dear Diary,

Walking the streets at night is one part of life in Japan I miss. I often hopped up and got out at 7:30pm to jog to the local bakery for their 1/2 off sale at 8:30pm. Ninety percent of the time, I was first, reading a book or studying Japanese as the clock circled slowly to 30.

Now, I live far away from the center of my small town, and you can guess how things work: all the cool places shut down by 6 or 7pm. For safety and a lack of things to do, I am at home by the time the sun drops.

Not this night! The fair is here! Recall the glittering gold of beige bulbs against the navy sky!

I met multitudes of locals, then gazed at blue ribbon red velvet cakes and white ribbon doilies large enough to cover a hassock. When was the last time I went to a fair? No clue, but if you can eat Maple Walnut ice cream and freshly roasted cashew nuts, don’t pass it up.


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