Diary: Election Day Trip

Dear Diary,

Wait a second, let me check CNN! So, instead of telling you how being an independent voter is best, here is how I spent today, and hopefully before the results come out.

I woke up 50 minutes earlier, 6:08am. I did some PR. Then, I jogged with my papa.

Later, I made a Pumpkin Chocolate Cheesecake, which I had to leave on the kitchen island, hoping that papa would cover it with a plate and put it in the refrigerator without taking a slice from it.

Mom and I had to rush out of the house, kindly ask the salesmen to make way, then drive to a town 40 miles away for her cortisone shot.

I wandered around and had a grand time, the best part was meeting an awesome woman in the cutest cupcake shop I have seen in the US and Japan. I will have to do a review later.

Now, after a workout, some of Papa’s cake, and a few episodes of Gilmore Girls–I also had a peek at that Martha StewartxSnoop Dogg show. I close my night with Runaway Bride and an unfortunate glimpse of that awful doll.

And who knows, I may go back to Japan. Things are looking scary… Although, the other more obvious choice was not so good, either.

On the precipice,



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