Diary: October is Over!

Dear Diary,

I love Autumn, but I’m so glad it is November, mainly because I hate scary movies. It began with that awful doll… I must have been about nine. Whenever my parents left, I jumped at the trees scratching windows and other empty house sounds. I kept my back against the wall for surely, it would sneak up behind me.

“Wanna play?” No way.

From then on, I covered my eyes and ears to anything remotely scary. Of course, you can’t avoid the scary forever! After university, I met that Elmore man. Thankfully, that didn’t bother me too long. This year, I thought, “I am going to kick this, or so help me!” Either that, or it was the boredom. Either way, I watched the ending of Carrie a few days before I had to house sit. Best idea ever! Anyway, all was fine, until the hand popping out of the grave. That bothered me the most.

What is it about that first surprising chilly wind, cooling the sweat, and heightens the senses just in case…

Oh, November, I welcome your pumpkin spiced warmth!


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