Diary: A Step Back and Recap on Readjustment

Dear Diary,

My suitcases arrived a few hours before me, but the people in baggage claims not only relinquished my luggage, they also lent me the work phone. I thanked them and exited to I wait in the hot, humid air I had sucked into my lungs for most of my life.

Not that one. Wrong car. That isn’t her car. No. No. No. And then I saw her, my dearest sister and met her terribly dramatic offspring.

Readjustment: Not all is macadoom (hence the photo) and gloom. Yes, I dislike most American restaurants, save two. I refuse to eat any fast food, even the “healthy” options–except for pizza, but I will try not to eat it every Saturday as is my family’s tradition. I also try not to eat pre-pared foods by stores other than health food chains. A few weeks in, I told my family about the gravity of my sweets addiction. Mom refuses to ration my chocolate covered cashews. t.t I opted not to eat Sam’s rotisserie chicken and had salad, quinoa, and homemade sweet potato soup instead.

I am also fairly faithfully keeping up with my New Year’s Resolutions! I work out daily, have a fairly Korean skin care regimen, read my Bible every day (or at least listen to it on youtube), and try to “lady up” every day! Speaking of which, I need to finish tonight’s ablutions and alleviate this headache with a few REM cycles.

Until next week,



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