Diary: My First Non-Teaching Job Interviews in Japan (Part III)

June 30

Dear Diary,

This is will be brief! I took a bus to a distant district of Nagoya for my second interview. The advertisement appealed to me as this person wanted someone to bake gorgeous tartes, bread, and cookies. I did not like the fact that smoking is allowed after about 4pm, but if I could only work the first shift, I would not mind.

After church on Sunday, I walked a few blocks from the last bus stop in an old, almost rundown neighborhood. I wore brown pumps, a caramel vest, and a sheer blouse with extra billowy sleeves I bought from a recycle shop in Tokyo for 700円 (yen is pronounced “en”). I stepped in and admired the donuts, but mainly the fruit-covered desserts in a large display case.

My heart sank immediately as there already seemed to be many pastry chefs. I told one my business and waited. Soon, a pixie-like woman, the co-owner, came out. She asked me questions, and expressed assurance that I would have no trouble engaging customers. Sadly, I would mainly act as a chef of western foods, such as hamburgers and spaghetti and accursed hamburgers! I would also work alternate shifts each day, which soured the deal. I asked about ventilation and she told me that after she talked it over with her husband, she would contact me.

As it was smoking time and I really did not need any sweets, I thanked her and left, looking for アルバイト募集中 (arubaito boshuu chuu, help wanted) signs as I went! Here’s hoping!

Oh, and by the way, the card on the photograph reading カスタードプリンとキャラメルカスタードタルト (kasuta-do purin to kyarameru kasuta-do taruto) is Custard Pudding and Caramel Pudding Tart.


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