Recompense (G7 Ise Summit Yokkaichi: Part 3)

April 25

Colorful, chic, and relatively cheap Recompense (レコンパンス) is third on our Yokkaichi cafe list. Though Recompense follows Cafe Moi and Raji Cafe Apartment, I usually think of it first when considering lunch in Yokkaichi. There are three types of lunches, but the items on the menu change biweekly. Here  is the menu from my first visit:

Recompense’s Lunch Menu
-Enamel Pot Cocotte Lunch (Jerked Chicken and Potatoes Simmered in a Pot with Whey Bread, Salad, Dessert, and Drink) 1850en
-Pasta Lunch (One of Three Pastas [Abalone and Greens Peperoncino, Small Shrimp and  Mushroom Tomato Pasta, or Ise Chicken White Ragu] with Whey Bread, Dessert, and Drink) 1680en
-House Quiche Plate Lunch (Fresh Onion and Tuna Quiche, Two Vegetable Sides, Salad, Dessert, and Drink) 1380en

When I read the menu for the first time in Japanese, it took me a few minutes to understand the ホーロー鍋のココットランチ (Enamel Pot Cocotte Lunch) due to the Japanese foreign syllabary, Katakana. The first word, ホーロー, sounds like “hoe roe,” which I assumed to be “hollow.” The second word, ココット, didn’t appear in my phone’s dictionary. I ended up using Google and Wikipedia. After realizing it is French–one setback to Katakana is that you cannot tell the origin of the word–I learned that “ココット” is “cocotte,” a Dutch Oven. Think Le Creuset. I went back to the first word, just in case. It is not foreign, but Japanese. ホーロー’s kanji is 琺瑯, meaning “enamel.” The third word appeared in the description, ホエー (hoe ay). I guessed it after sounding it out a few times, “whey.”


Japanese lesson aside, the cheapest lunch was the most attractive. The Fresh Onion and Tuna Quiche (新玉ねぎとツナのキッシュ, aratamanegi to tsuna no kisshu) is the reason I wanted to try Recompense. I still remember the saffron cous cous, temperature of the salad with warm ham atop it, and curried broccoli; however, the promise of a tall, flaky quiche with a unique flavor combination is why I frequent Recompense. I saved the quiche for last, but when I lowered the fork into it, I dragged the quiche around the plate before realizing the necessity of my neglected knife. The warm yellow egg’s smooth texture, and mildness of the tuna and onion surprised me. I munched on the crunchy, multi-layered crust. As I started to rise, the waitress placed a green tea pudding before me. Sadly, I hurriedly devoured it, but the sweet red beans, pure matcha (green tea) powder, and melt-in-your-mouth texture of the pudding makes me wish I could see into the future…

Celestey’s 裁き (sah bah key, judgement)
-Fresh Onion and Tuna Quiche Plate (9/10)
-Green Tea Pudding (8/10)

I had little trouble getting to Recompense from a patisserie, but as I ran up a hill to catch my train, I spied a river between the station and myself. T.T <–Japanese Expression of Flowing Tears

I kept running, bought my ticket, and ran up the stairs in time to see the train pulling off from the opposite platform. TT.TT <–Feel free to add T’s to increase the level of grief.


Recompense is technically in Yokkaichi City, but the nearest train station is 新正 (Shinshou), the Station of Two Entrances to Two Separate Platforms:

Directions from Kintetsu Shinshou Station to Recompense (Google Maps) These directions are to Toyota Home, but Recompense is on the first floor of Toyota Home (such lucky employees).

Recompense Info
Address: 〒510-0063 三重県四日市市十七軒町9−1(Mie Prefecture, Yokkaichi City, Jyuushichikenchou 9-1)
Hours: Morning 8:00~10:30, Lunch 11:00~14:30
Holiday: Wednesday
Smoking: Prohibited
Reservations: Accepted







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