1010 Banchi (G7 Ise Summit Matsusaka: Part 5)

April 1

This is my fifth and final Matsusaka post for now. After eating at Mond Cafe, I walked to 1010 Banchi (1010番地, sin juu ban chi) for second dessert: it’s like second breakfast. Most Matsusakans know of 1010 Banchi. For example, when I was talking to a local, I began to say “Juu Juu Banchi (ten ten Banchi),” but he interrupted with “Sen Juu Banchi.” One thing which makes it unique is its name, which has no French in it: a rarity in the sphere of Japanese patisseries. Before I tell you the second, here is a map:

Mond Cafe to 1010 Banchi Map (It is a link.):

Exit Mond Cafe, turn left and make a left at the first street. Walk straight, then make a right at a light (“新町” is its name). Keep straight, past a small street to your left and a post office marked with a “〒” on the map. As a side note, “〒” is the sign for post offices in Japan. You will see the building below on your left.

This is the first building you will see, but…

If you are like me, you would walk up the stairs to find someone rolling dough, but no finished cakes. If you understand Japanese, you would know that this is not the store. To get to the store, you must walk under this building and across the parking lot. The second unusual thing about 1010 Banchi? It is a complex.

The Real 1010 Banchi

I took a day off of work just to get the デュアルセット (Dual Set), which is only available a few times a year on weekdays for customers who choose to eat in. If you are fortunate enough to take part in this momentous deal, you can order two cakes from the showcase and one drink for just ¥1000! I ordered a さくらんぼタルト(sakuranbo taruto, Cherry Tarte), a マンゴタルト(mango taruto, Mango Tarte), and an orange juice. In retrospect, I should have gotten tea. I made a reservation for 14:00, which was a good idea, as all the other tables were taken by the time I sat down. Both tartes are similar in construction: fruit on custard creme with a center of fruit surrounded by crushed pastry on a shallow tarte. The Cherry Tarte had a milky creme on top and the cherry with the stem had a seed in it. It was on purpose. Oddly enough, I was just telling my friend, W, how most cherry desserts in Japan are pitted!

Celestey’s 裁き (sah ba key, Judgement)
Cherry Tarte: 7/10 (I have chipped a tooth on the pit of a cherry before.)
Mango Tarte: 6/10 (The mango flavor was somewhat weak.)
Orange Juice: 5/10 (It was average).

After eating second dessert, I went to the packaged baked goods section and bought a lot!

I resisted snacking on the train.

1010 Banchi’s Info:
Number: 0598-21-7123
Address: 〒515-0075三重県松阪市新町1010 (Mie-ken, Matsusaka-shi, Shinmachi 1010)
Hours: 10:00-19:00
Holidays: Wednesday
Price: ¥200-¥3000
Website: http://www.1010banchi.co.jp/
Seats: 18
Smoking: Not Permitted


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