Mond Cafe (G7 Ise Summit Matsusaka: Part 4)

March 31

I considered taking a break from Matsusaka, but I like finishing things, like TV series and bags of cookies. There is one Double Coated Tim Tam left and I opened it only yesterday. Eating issues aside, let’s begin.

The interior and dessert plate remind me of Andy Warhol.

Mond Cafe (it is pronounced “Mondo,” モンドカフェ) is just a little over 1000 meters away from Matsusaka Station, but it is well worth the walk (or bus ticket). After walking along a busy street for about 20 minutes, I almost missed it. The first floor is an open-air parking lot. I stood around waiting for it to open and soon, a group of cheerful, chattering Japanese women joined me in the shade. A waitress came down with a cute sign and bade us enter. I insisted the group of ladies go first.

Lunch Comes with Miso Soup

Mond Cafe’s menu is as exciting as its interior, and at only ¥880 you will want to have dessert. The lunch menu changes almost daily. I ordered sautéed pork with roasted tomatoes, stewed burdock with carrots, tofu puree, and salad with slices of tangy, lemony sweet potatoes.

If you order a drink with your cake, you’ll get ¥50 off.

This sign reads:

Today’s Cakes
Marmalade Gateau Chocolat ¥400
Bartlett Pear and Mint Tarte ¥450
White Chocolate Cheesecake ¥420
Pumpkin Cake (Usually in Japan, “pumpkin” refers to pumpkin squash.) ¥400
Chocolate Cake (chocolate and cream) ¥420
Lemongrass and Sweet Summer Orange Honey Muffin ¥380
Oatmeal Banana Cake ¥400
Apricot Kudzu Dumpling ¥200
Mond Dumpling ¥200

I ordered 洋梨とミントのタルト(younashi to minto no taruto, Bartlett Pear and Mint Tarte, ¥450) and レモングラスと甘夏のはちみつマフィン (remongurasu to amanatsu no hachimitsu mafin, Lemongrass and Sweet Summer Orange Honey Muffin, ¥380). The Bartlett Pear and Mint Tarte was fabulous, and the crust was crisp to the point of crunchy. The Lemongrass and Sweet Summer Orange Honey Muffin’s taste was wonderful, but the lemongrass was cut too long. I felt like I might choke. That aside, please visit Mondo Cafe!

Celestey’s 裁き (sahbakey, Judgement)
Sautéed Pork with Roasted Tomato Lunch: 8/10 (The lemony sweet potatoes were unusually good.)
Bartlett Pear and Mint Tarte: 8/10
Lemongrass and Sweet Summer Orange Honey Muffin: 6/10 (The lemongrass’ length is my only complaint, but it made the muffin physically difficult to consume.)

Matsusaka Station to Mond Cafe Map (It is a link.):


Mond Cafe’s Info*:
Number: 0598-20-8773
Address: 〒515-0077 三重県松阪市茶与町23-6 (Mie-ken, Matsusaka-shi, Chayomachi 23-6)
Hours: Sunday-Thursday (12:00-21:00 [20:00 last order]),
Friday and Saturday (12:00-22:00 [21:00 last order])
Holidays: 1st and 3rd Monday, Every Tuesday
Price: ¥200-¥1300
*If you stay over 2 hours, you’ll be charged ¥200 unless you order something else.


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