Copain, No Gain (G7 Ise Summit Matsusaka: Part 3)

March 25

Our third stop in Matsusaka is Copain (コパン), a bakery cafe a little off the beaten track.

Take the Road Less Traveled in High Heels

As I walked from Bluemint to Copain, I did not get lost; however, I did worry about tumbling into the stream. I chose Copain on a whim, and because I felt like I needed to visit one more place to get my money’s worth of travel expenses. I heard it is one of the top three bakeries near Matsusaka Station, but the main selling point was that it had pain perdu.

What is pain perdu? It means “lost bread” in French, and is essentially French toast. According to ChefTalk, it is a dish dating back to Ancient Rome, using honey instead of maple syrup.

The first time I had Pain Perdu (by that name) was at a fancy cafe in Florida. My stepfather took my mom and I out for Mother’s Day. The warm baguette, fresh berries, crème anglaise,  and flavorful syrup remain a vivid recollection. Alas, I have no photo. I went to Copain with a vision of beauty. Over the river, but not through the woods, I arrived thirsty and hot. I scanned the tempting shelves of bread, and found パンペルデュ (pain perdu).

Oh no, accursed bread pudding.

I could not leave without achieving my objective, so I ordered it, クロワサン・オ・アマンド(almond croissant), and グレープフルーツゼリー (grapefruit gélee).

As I prepared to check out, I told the cashier, “Tennnai tabetai to omoimasu” (I would like to eat in.)
She replied in an apologetic tone, “Sumimasen. Ohiru wo chuumonshinai  okyakusama ga nomimono wo chuumonshinakerebanarimasen” (I’m sorry. Customers who aren’t ordering lunch but want to eat upstairs must order a drink.)

I usually just order to go when this happens, but I forgot my water bottle and needed a rest. I considered putting back the grapefruit gélee, but ordered an orange juice with a smile.

Orange Juice for エアコン (ea kon, air conditioning)

I choked down the pain perdu, and wished the croissant more crisp, the grapefruit gélee more refreshing. If I could turn back time, I would have brought my water bottle and taken the bread home to toast it properly in my oven. Bear this in mind when you read my review.

Celestey’s 裁き(sah ba key, Judgement)
Pain Perdu: 1/10 (If you relish bread pudding and the like, you would probably enjoy it.)
Almond Croissant: 3/10 (Due to the batter poured on top, it wasn’t crisp, or flaky.)
Grapefruit Gélee: 5/10 (It was average.)
Cheese Pie: 10/10

I still think Copain is a good bakery, I simply regret my choices. In fact,  when I left, I spied a bag of チーズパイ (cheese pies, more like cheesy triangles of puff pastries). I had them the next day, and I am seriously considering going back to buy more someday soon. Aside from a mouth-watering lunch, they have a good selection of pastries, crusty breads, and bottled beverages. Please give Copain a try.

Getting there from Bluemint:
You do not have to walk in the grass, I just felt especially adventurous. In fact, the route I will give you is along a main road.BluemintTOCopainMAP

Copain’s Info:
Number: 0598-51-3349
Address: 三重県松阪市高町187-10 (Mie-ken, Matsusaka-shi, Takamachi 187-10)
Hours: 9:00-18:00
Holidays: Monday and Tuesday
Price: Lunch ¥1000-¥1400, Bakery goods ¥160-¥420


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