Bluemint (G7 Ise Summit Matsusaka: Part 2)

March 23

In my last post, I covered Matsusaka Beef(松阪牛) and Nagomi Kitchen Hoshi‘s doria. Continuing our tour of Matsusaka, let’s sip some joe at Bluemint (ブルーミント), or rather, you have the coffee, I’ll have the cake. It is rumored to serve some of the best coffee in Mie Prefecture, but I can’t attest to that (not a coffee drinker). Bluemint’s ガナッシュ (“Ganache” in name only) is the reason I did not order dessert the first time I went to Nagomi Kitchen Hoshi. I got lost as I navigated the narrow roads and sometimes seedy streets of Matsusaka. The heat and humidity of July in Japan both impeded, and entreated me to find the cool shelter of Bluemint.

Two or three other patrons drifted in after I arrived.

On the way, a lady asked to take my picture. In exchange, I asked her to take a photo of the back of my outfit. This concept of “You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours” is called otagai (お互い). Someday, I will post my daily duds, but not yet. She helped me with directions, but I got lost again. A young Japanese man saw me puzzling over a well-placed map and offered his assistance. After a few more minutes and a shocking shop, I made it. To the left, there is another coffee shop–also Bluemint.

I went to the Bluemint with the 1950’s diner door.

Once inside, an older Japanese lady gestured to my chair, then brought water and a menu. When I only ordered cake, she seemed a bit surprised, but pleased to hear how much I was anticipating the Ganache.
“I wanted to taste this cake for over two years,” I said (in Japanese, of course).
She asked, “Why so long?”
I responded, “I don’t often visit Matsusaka. In fact, I have been there only four times in half a decade.”
I heard an electric handheld mixer whirring away for a few minutes. It had to be my whipped cream! When she brought out the cake, I smiled.

Saving the toasted almonds for last.

That smile didn’t leave my face as I slowly, slowly savored each bite. I don’t care for whipped cream, but those fluffy columns which did not touch each other as they pooled at the bottom were aesthetically and gastronomically appealing. The balance of cream, chocolate, and coffee was phenomenal. For only ¥450, you can experience the cream-covered, coffee sauce-absorbing cocoa spongecake that is Bluemint’s Ganache. Remember, I got lost on the way there. Let’s see how you fare.NagomiKitchenHoshiTOBluemintMAP

Walking directions from Nagomi Kitchen Hoshi to Bluemint: Backtrack to the “松阪駅前” light. Go through that light, and make a right at the “京町” light. Continue to go straight, until you reach a road with a white gate straight ahead, clothing store to the right, and small parking lot to the left. Turn left and keep walking until you see a white and red “Bluemint Coffee” sign. (Note: These instructions began in my last post: If You’re Ever in Matsusaka (Ise Summit: Part 1).

Celestey’s 裁き (sah ba key, Judgement)
Ganache: 8/10 (It was tender, and the coffee did not make it soggy in the least.)

Bluemint Straight Ahead

Bluemint’s Info:
Number: 0598-26-5421
Address: 三重県松阪市湊町 150-3 コーポマルユウ 1F (Mie-ken, Matsusaka-shi, Minatomachi 150-3 Koopomaruyuu Bld. 1F)
Hours: 9:30-21:00 (20:30 last order)
Holidays: 2nd&4th Mondays and Tuesdays (If a national holiday falls on a Monday or Tuesday, Bluemint will be open, but the following day Bluemint will be closed.)
Price: Coffee is from ¥500, Desserts are ¥450, Sandwiches are ¥650


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Naz says:

    I’m in Matsusaka way too often so I definitely need to make a stop there. And I loove coffee 0_0


    1. crumblove says:

      Hi Naz, thanks for having a look at my post! If you ever go to Bluemint, let me know what you thought of the coffee. Do you have any cafe recommendations in Matsusaka?


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