Crumblove, Celestey Crumblove


I am Celestey. This name began as a joke. Whenever I eat ten rice crackers (煎餅, pronounced sin bay) too many, I think of myself as Celestey Crumblove. I do what most foreign people do in Japan: teach English. Someday soon, I will tell you more about myself on the About Crumblove page. I live in the Kansai (関西) area, which encompasses Osaka(大阪) and Kyoto(京都, kyo toe, not key oh toe). The Ise Summit will be held in the Kansai area on May 26-27! My blog will mainly focus on food, Gothic & Lolita fashion, and lifestyle in Japan. I will treat it like a diary. Let’s start with something easy:

Five Things I Like about Japan

1. Most Japanese people are willing to help foreign travelers. Exceptions: Tokyo (sometimes) and if you have lived in Japan long enough to perceive politeness and the lack thereof.

2. Japan’s transportation system is better than the one in my hometown. Exceptions: buses (sometimes).

3. The Japanese language is structured and has simple pronunciation. If you know the five vowel sounds: あ(ah)い(E)う(ooh)え(eh)お(oh), and the two Japanese syllabaries, you can easily master pronunciation.

4. Gothic & Lolita fashion

5. Eating seaweed (海苔, nori) is so satisfying! Although, most people agree that Korean seaweed is better…

That is all for now. What do you like about Japan? What do you want to read about on my blog?


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